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Monday, July 14, 2014

Service Member Spotlight - Sgt. G

Thanks Sergeant G for answering my questions and for the "advice" on getting through the tough times. I'll be thinking of that when I'm pedaling up the hills in a headwind!

Military branch / term of service: Army, 10 years

Tour(s):  1 combat tour Afghanistan

What do your boots mean to you? I've had many boot over the years, they have carried me many miles to many countries. They been clean and polished, they've been stained and dirty, without them I would not have made my trek.

Do you still wear your boots?  I still wear them, they may become a different pair but they are cared for with the same respect as I knelt with before the boots of my fallen brothers.

Tips or tricks for breaking in the boots: The only thing that truly breaks in a pair of boot is wear. Slow wear over time increasing in distance as you go.

Suggestions / advice for getting through the tough times during RAGBRAI? Advice? You're not getting shot at and carrying 80 pounds. Ranger up and push through, no one likes a quitter!

What should civilians know about how to support veterans? The best way to support a veteran is to help build the sense of community and make sure the are part of it. Help them find that higher purpose the had in the army. An ice cold beer is also nice.

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